I found amazing business opportunities under 1 hour

Ecommerce platforms

Here is a great way to start a business based on an measurable market demand. It’s not that new sexy disruptive product that you dream about creating, but a solid foundation to build a business on fast. And if you…

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5 very real problems that hold back B2B startups


I have worked both at an enterprise size company and a startup trying to do business to business (B2B) sales. Here are my two cents on five problems you must overcome to succeed. 1) The “Everyone is a customer” problem…

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Why I practice Code Therapy


For me programming has always been a very creative activity, like drawing, playing an instrument or gardening. There is something about sitting in front of a computer and realising that there are endless possibilities to create something almost magical, if…

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3 contradicting definitions of mobile strategy

Mobile friends

“We need to go mobile”. Well, what does is mean? Here are 3 definitions of “mobile” that totally contradict each other, and you need to consider them all! In a world where “mobile first” is a mantra for new startups…

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Product managers that create that special magic


Are you a product manager? Then this has definitely happened to you (and here’s what you can do about it). Your product team starts developing a new user profile page. Mid development your system architect lets you know that this…

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Time is always a Billion dollar opportunity


The old expression “Time is money” is true. Time is the only thing every person have about equal amounts of in this world and that’s why we get so frustrated when we are wasting it on something. Turned the other…

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The foolproof way to prioritise tasks in agile development


Which is the most important task to work on right now? When working in an agile environment, this needs to be crystal clear to everybody involved. Is it a newly discovered priority 1 bug or maybe the most critical feature…

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3 key reasons to why User retention is your most important metric


What’s Your most important Key Performance Indicator (KPI)? New users? Sales per day? Website visitors? I would argue that they are all secondary to User Retention, i.e. retaining users and make to come back after one day, one week and…

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Keep a lookout for your negative SEO


I just finished watching an inspiring session about SEO from Christian Rudolf at webbdagarna! I embedded it in this post. He highlights the growing trend of Negative SEO as one of the topics. Negative SEO is a highly painful disease…

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The 100 day marketing plan


Want some advice on how to market your startup or product? Well, here are my two cents based on a number good and bad launches. Basically you need a runway of 100 days to do all the preparations and create…

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