3 key reasons to why User retention is your most important metric


What’s Your most important Key Performance Indicator (KPI)? New users? Sales per day? Website visitors? I would argue that they are all secondary to User Retention, i.e. retaining users and make to come back after one day, one week and…

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Keep a lookout for your negative SEO


I just finished watching an inspiring session about SEO from Christian Rudolf at webbdagarna! I embedded it in this post. He highlights the growing trend of Negative SEO as one of the topics. Negative SEO is a highly painful disease…

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The 100 day marketing plan


Want some advice on how to market your startup or product? Well, here are my two cents based on a number good and bad launches. Basically you need a runway of 100 days to do all the preparations and create…

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5 industries that are revolutionary disrupted by 3D printing


Imagine that you could reproduce any physical object. What would you chose? A key? A house? A nostalgic toy that you lost as a kid? This is where we are going folks. Printing solid objects from plastic is just the…

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The battle cry for your startup


Let me tell you the story of why you are here, why you do what you do and why you will save us all. Friends and allies, we are on a mission. The enemy is destroying our land. For too…

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Product managers need the User Pain Story


You are not building a product. No, you are not. You are not building a service. No, that’s not what you do. So what do you? You are helping another human being to be really great at something! (I’ve touched…

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From starting to working at – the story of Osom


I work at Osom. I used to say “I’m starting a company”, but these days I’m not starting, I’m working. So what’s the difference? About a year ago, I met with Anton Johansson, at the time CMO at Twingly. We…

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Growth Case studies of some Billion dollar companies


How do you grow a company really, really big? I read this great article called “The Surest Way To Build A Billion-Dollar Internet Company”, by James Slavet, partner at venture capital firm Greylock. Slavet brings up the few companies (Amazon,…

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Why your USP has nothing to do with your product

Tiger under water

Ok, you’ve built a product and now you’re trying to nail the product’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to create a compelling marketing message. Let me stop you right there. The first mistake we do is to treat the USP as…

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14 sätt till snabba cash för sysslolösa ungdomar

Jag har stört mig en del på den negativa, passificerande debatten om arbetslösa ungdomar på sistone så för att lätta på trycket kommer här 14 enkla tips för att tjäna snabba cash för ungdomar (och andra också) som alla kan…

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