Time is always a Billion dollar opportunity


The old expression “Time is money” is true. Time is the only thing every person have about equal amounts of in this world and that’s why we get so frustrated when we are wasting it on something. Turned the other way around it’s also a master unique selling point for entrepreneurs.

Lew Cirne the founder New relic, also founded a company called Wily, built to make the programming language Java self diagnostic while running. This is pretty standard stuff these days but not when Cirne started. The product became a massive success, and why? The software saved hours of waiting and troubleshooting. As Cirne puts it “Good software doesn’t waste users’ precious time, and makes those hours spent in front of the screen more pleasant and more productive.” If you haven’t listened to his session on the Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader series, do that.

Another good example is Spotify. When they launched there was already free music available online, via bittorrent and MP3 sites. What Spotify did was to make it a more convenient experience by offering you to instantly find and play a song, with a few clicks. Suddenly there was no need to surf endless sites cluttered with porn ads to find the best version of a favourite song, and then wait for it to download before you could listen to it.

Our time is most valuable when we feel we have little of it. We want to have time for both family and work, need to travel far or just to manage many projects at once. TechnologyAdvice.com is a company specialized in saving time for companies by helping them choose the right software platform for their infrastructure. Pricerunner and other price comparison sites focus on getting the best comparison on products, saving you hours of time to browse the web for reviews and information.

There are countless other companies that optimise for time. Google being the closest to mind spent the better part of their business getting the one thing you are looking before your eyes in a flash.

To save people time or make the time they spend valuable is an amazing opportunity to grow a really successful business.


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