The battle cry for your startup

Let me tell you the story of why you are here, why you do what you do and why you will save us all.


Friends and allies, we are on a mission.
The enemy is destroying our land. For too long have we stood by and let our brothers and sisters fall victim for the oppression of the tyrant <insert main competitor>. This beast has put his claws into innocent people all over the world and for too long has he ruled the world. But fear not. This beast is not a god. He can be hurt and even slayed.

The beast rely on his followers. We will free these followers one by one from his iron grip and bring them into the light. It has already begun. The first person to go free is Annie Appleseed. Annie is <insert target customer age> years old, <insert occupation> by trade and has a passion for overcoming <insert customer problem>.

We have given her the tools she needs to shine. Annie long walked in the shadows of doubt, thinking she would never be more than a peasant, never destined for greatness. We reached out to Annie through <insert primary marketing channel> and solved her agony with <insert your USP>. Annie rose and now stand tall. She donates <insert LTV> gold to help our cause as long as we stay true to our word.

Annie is just the first wave. Many more will join in but be careful brothers and sisters. The beast does not like rebellions. He will retaliate with furious anger and great force. Only by sticking true to our main advantage will we succeed: <insert competitive edge>. This is why the people will follow us.

We cannot do this alone. We are seeking allies in every corner of the world that will help us spread the message of salvation. We are forming a companionship with <key growth partner> to help us out. Even though they see the light their help will not come cheap. Fortunately we have received intel on that they need <insert partner benefit>, which we can provide.

Brothers and sisters. It’s time to pick up our weapons of salvation and free this land!
It will be a journey of blood sweat and tears, but in the end we will harvest the riches of our work and bring prosperity to our world.

To arms!